Quality & Certifications

Ποιότητα & Πιστοποιήσεις

The increasing demands of the market lead to an intensive and systematic effort to improve. Management systems and their certification through international standards and bodies have been an important tool to business development.

The company is certified by BioHellas (Institute for the Inspection of Organic Products) for the preparation, production and trading of organic products, as well as that the Food Safety Management System complies with the requirements of the standard ISO 22000:2018 for standardization – packaging of herbs, spices and fruits.

In addition, the company has completed all necessary steps of registration with the US FDA registry through an independent agent, looking to set up and expand a well-organized international sales network in Canada and the USA.

Apart from the certifications of independent bodies, numerous analyses are carried out on a sample basis on all products, such as Microbiological, Pesticide Residues, Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids (PA’s), % of essential oil content or other specialized analyses, upon request and communication with the customer.


The commercial distribution and the highlight of the quality of standardized products, promoting them in B2B networks abroad.


By helping farmers to cultivate with appropriate multiplicative material and a fair financial incentive, we want to standardize and export high added value products around the world.