Customers Profile

The company is able to supply a wide range of customers in B2B networks, such as food and beverage wholesalers, food industries, distilleries, delicatessens, e-shops, HO.RE.CA companies, etc.

F & B Wholesalers

They are companies that store and distribute end products in each country of their interest. Through a well-organized B2B network of professionals in the food industry, thousands of end products are daily supplied to the shelves of super markets, cash and carry, horeca businesses, mega stores, mini markets, delicatessen stores, etc. They sell a wide range of products, very different between them, such as of herbal or animal origin, fresh or processed, deep preservation, etc.

Προφίλ Πελατών
Προφίλ Πελατών

Food Industries

They are a complex network of different companies that supply most of the food consumed by humans. These companies purchase and store the necessary raw materials so that, through mechanical processing and standardization, they distribute secondary, end products to B2B wholesaler networks or directly to the shelf.

Distillation Firms

They are companies that usually use herbal raw materials so that, through the distillation process, they create various kinds of essences and essential oils. Their final product is traded in B2B networks such as companies manufacturing drugs, cosmetics, perfumes, drinks/beverages, but also companies in the field of aromatherapy, wellness and alternative medicine.

Προφίλ Πελατών
Προφίλ Πελατών


They are traditional or modern retail stores that sell selected food and beverages with increased added value, due to their high-quality characteristics. Their main purpose is to offer special tastes, different options and a special culinary experience.


They are online retail stores, in the form of a website, where they sell various products or services online. The displayed products vary based on the type, the style and the sector of the online store.

Προφίλ Πελατών
Προφίλ Πελατών


They are retail companies in the catering and hospitality sector, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and catering firms. The provision of either product or service is intertwined with a pleasant experience, a happy mood, a vivid feeling for the customer. Great emphasis is placed on the harmonious design, on the selected raw materials, on the right equipment.


The commercial distribution and the highlight of the quality of standardized products, promoting them in B2B networks abroad.


By helping farmers to cultivate with appropriate multiplicative material and a fair financial incentive, we want to standardize and export high added value products around the world.