About Us


Messinian Hub – Herbal Products & More is located in Kalamata, Greece and seeks to cover the entire production cycle of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants (MAPs), creating economies of scale for its customers at the level of propagation, cultivation and standardization.

The purpose of the company is the commercial distribution of standardized products, either in the form of propagated plant material (plantlets / seedlings), or in the form of dried herbal material, promoting them in B2B networks abroad.

Our main concern is to meet customer needs, combined with the provision of a high level of service in terms of timely communication and support in the export process.

The company leases building facilities that are consisted of offices, raw materials reception spaces, standardization – packaging spaces and storage of end products.

The success of the company is based on our many years of experience as well as on our personnel, with the harmonious coexistence of different specialties such as on organization and administration, agronomy, cultivation, reproduction, processing and packaging.

From the Management


The commercial distribution and the highlight of the quality of standardized products, promoting them in B2B networks abroad.


By helping farmers to cultivate with appropriate multiplicative material and a fair financial incentive, we want to standardize and export high added value products around the world.